Skin Cancer Treatment

Dr. Kirk Barber is a medical dermatologist who is often referred to treat various forms of skin cancer. Skin cancer is broken into 2 categories: Melanoma and Non-Melanoma.

At Calgary Dermatology, we only offer treatments for Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer. Melanoma treatments, and non-melanoma treatments that require surgical removal will be referred to a surgeon.

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Non-surgical treatments for skin cancer that we offer can include the following:

1. Liquid Nitrogen: Known as Cryosurgery, this method is used in simpler and more centralized cases of skin cancer. Liquid nitrogen is used to freeze and destroy the cancerous tissue.

2. Topical creams/gels: Used as spot treatments or field therapy (on vast areas of the skin), creams and gels such as Picato are used to destroy the effected cells.

3. Photodynamic Therapy (PDT): PDT is a non-invasive treatment where we apply a topical cream called Metvix and expose the effected area to PDT. The cream absorbs into the area and the lesion is destroyed while healthy skin surrounding the lesion is left unharmed.

The above treatments can be used in part or in whole, depending on the location and severity of your type of skin cancer.

Skin Cancer treatments may have side effects. Visit our Skin Care Tips page to learn more.