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Looking for a Psoriasis cure? While there currently isn’t one, our office regularly conducts advanced dermatology research trials to find the cure for skin diseases such as psoriasis, acne, eczema, skin cancer and more.

Calgary Dermatology often holds Clinical Research Trials to help regulatory agencies like Health Canada and the FDA develop new treatments, preventions, and devices for diseases or conditions.

Your participation in the research trial is voluntary and you may withdraw at any time. All your information will be kept confidential. You will be notified of all details including potential side effects before choosing whether or not to begin treatment.



Recruiting Trials

Eczema Clinical Trial

We are currently recruiting pediatric patients with mild to moderate atopic dermatitis (eczema). 

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Psoriasis Study

6-17 years of age? Diagnosed with plaque psoriasis for at least 6 months? You could be eligible to take part in our study.

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